About Auralynn Nguyen


Auralynn Nguyen (b. 1991) 
Born to a Vietnamese-American family in Los Angeles, California. Originally went to school to study art history. Began studying Sogetsu Ikebana under Kaz Yokou Kitajima (Riji certification) of the Los Angeles chapter in 2012. Captivated by its idea of creating sculpture with nature, and its focus on merely the present. 

She has studied abroad in Japan on numerous occasions under Takenaka Reiko (Riji certification) and at the Sogetsu Headquarters in Tokyo. 

An active member of Ikebana International and Sogetsu Los Angeles, she regularly showcases her work at their annual exhibitions. As of 2016, she lives in between Sài Gòn and Los Angeles. 

Installation clients include Salon Saigon, The Standard Hotel, Everybody.world, The Huntington Gardens, The Los Angeles County Arboretum.

Selected Exhibitions:


  • The 99th Annual Sogetsu Exhibition

     Nihombashi Takashimaya, Tokyo, Japan. 

  •  Group Yokou Annual Exhibition

     Descanso Gardens, La Canada Flintridge, California. 

  • Sogetsu: 90 Years Celebration

    JACCC Gallery, Los Angeles, California.



  • 2016 Singapore Sogetsu: The 50th Anniversary

  •  The 1st International Exhibition 

     Sogetsu Kaikan, Tokyo, Japan.