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Ikebana/Water Exhibition

We are happy to present, “Ikebana/Water” an ikebana exhibition created by five international ikebana artists. Water represents the fluid, flowing, formless, things in this world. Yet more specifically, is essential to prolong the lives of plants. Ikebana/water is an attempt to regard more consciously water as a compositional element by given it equal importance as the plant materials. It will be a rediscovery of sorts, presenting the interaction between the beauty of water and elegance of plants.

The show will be held at Rizzi B, an organic cafe and women’s select shop, the weekend June 9th and 10th, 12:00-21:00. On June 9th at 13:30, there will be a live ikebana demonstration performed by one of the artists. The use of water itself was done in part to compliment Rizzi B’s atmosphere and would encourage visitors to try the organic drinks on sale while enjoying water based ikebana. Hope to see you there~!

私たちは、5人の国際的な生け花アーティストで作るいけばな展「Ikebana / Water」を発表させていただくことを嬉しく思います。




この展示は、6月9日と10日の週末、12:00から21:00に、オーガニックカフェでありセレクトショップでもあるRizzi Bで行われます。


Rizzi Bの雰囲気に語りかけるように水自体の使用が一部行われ、観賞者は水ベースの生け花を楽しんでいる間に有機飲料を販売しようと思います。