Local Tours of Sài Gòn's Flower Market

Visiting Sài Gòn and looking for something different? Now available for up to groups of four are small, intimate private tours of Chợ Hồ Thị Kỷ, Sài Gòn's flower market. We'll discuss ideas for your ikebana arrangement (Basic Upright Moribana style or "freestyle") and select the materials. After a cab ride back to the studio, you will have your ikebana lesson to learn some of the key basics to an arrangement. We finish off the morning with a filling Vietnamese set lunch in a quaint setting nearby. More information can be found by sending an e-mail, or check out our Airbnb Experiences page!


Tour Our Bustling Flower Market

Hồ Thị Kỷ is the city's general wholesale market. Here you will find flowers from the Mekong Delta region, Đà Lạt, Cambodia, and a select few export countries (Ecuador, Columbia, Holland). Bright, vivid colourful flowers are piled high on motorbikes zipping by. You'll learn which flowers are best suited for your work and personality that suit our sticky, tropical climate.


Create Your Own Ikebana Arrangement

Now is your chance to try making your first ikebana arrangement. There's a little bit of math involved, but a lot of artistic freedom. Once finished we will briefly go over the arrangement with a small critique. Each arrangement is different from one another and represents the arranger, so don't fret! Vase and flowers are for you to take home. 


Lunch is served!

Just around the corner is a little slice of Vietnamese nostalgia, with a local set lunch to match. It changes each day but is always tasty and tastes like mum's cooking. Supplied are: a meat dish, a fish dish, two vegetable dishes, a soup and rice. If vegetarian, just let us know.